Pigeon Pride Flag Pin + Sticker PREORDER

Pigeon Pride Flag Pin + Sticker PREORDER

£2.50 - £6.00

Let's welcome the newest addition to our pride pals range - the majestic pigeon! Trotting the streets in their dramatic grey suit x iridescent green and purple glitter combo, these queens know what it's like to live in a society that's decided they're not welcome! Friend of humanity and ally to queers worldwide, this fluffy and rotund bird pin or sticker is the perfect way to signal your pride.

Preorders are currently open for the first five flag options for both pins and stickers. We're hoping to release the next set of five pride flags as soon as the first set are funded. With incredibly low order numbers needed for funding, we really hope to get 10 flag options released this year.

Preordered pins and stickers will ship in the 2nd and 3rd weeks of June.


PINS; 40mm 100% recycled acrylic pins, made from end of life waste plastic. 3mm thick with a secure rubber fastening.
Progress - 2/3
Rainbow - 1/3
Lesbian - 1/3
Bisexual - 0/3
Trans - 0/3

Stickers; 7cm waterproof, scratch proof and UV fade resistant stickers.
Progress - 0/7
Rainbow - 0/7
Lesbian - 0/7
Bisexual - 0/7
Trans - 0/7

Pigeon Pride Flag Pin + Sticker PREORDER Image 2 Pigeon Pride Flag Pin + Sticker PREORDER Image 3
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